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Trail Sherpa has your outdoor fix

Trail Sherpa

Trail Sherpa is a collaboration of the top outdoor bloggers on the web.  With stories about specific hikes, backcountry adventures, gear reviews, and … [Read More...]

ParksFolio is your home for the National Parks

Parks Folio

Do you love the National Parks?  Of course you do! ParksFolio is your fix for killer National Park photos and stories when you can't be there … [Read More...]

Modern Steader is under construction

Modern Steader

Modern Steader is my latest project.  More folks are looking for ways to transition to a more sustainable way of life but are challenged by the … [Read More...]

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Watch out for the time sucking vortex

I have a lot on my plate at all times because I can't let go.  I know I should, and I think I even know what to let go of but I am a control freak (sound familiar?) and no one can do it like I do. Of course, that's a totally … [Read More...]

Starting 2014 with two new amazing clients

For the first time in about a decade I shut down for a few weeks.  My wife had the full week of Christmas off and this week is a scattered mess.  Having time to step back, without a single concern for mobile or social media, I was … [Read More...]

Used by NATO forces

Wavian NATO Jerry Cans Review

Jerry cans aren't just for preppers or the military - consider how a 5 gallon metal jerry can could extend your next back roads adventure Jerry cans were originally used by the military but are now a favorite gear choice for … [Read More...]